This section is dedicated to the lovers of traveling on autogyro.

We are passionate of flying on autogyro and therefore open to any proposal you can think of, a group of people who loves everything that involves flying.

The autogyro is an aircraft that transmits unique sensations and allows for many to own their own aircraft.

We are willing to participate in trips about Spain or any other country. If you own an autogiro and you have the initiative to organize such an activity, don´t hesitate and contact us. 

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Juan de la Cierva was a Spanish engineer and aeronautical enthusiast. In 1921, he participated in a design competition to develop a bomber for the Spanish military.

De la Cierva designed a three-engined aircraft, but during an early test flight, the bomber stalled and crashed. De la Cierva was troubled by the stall phenomenon and vowed to develop an aircraft that could fly safely at low airspeeds.

The result was the first successful rotorcraft, which he named Autogiro in 1923.[8] De la Cierva's autogyro used an airplane fuselage with a forward-mounted propeller and engine, a rotor mounted on a mast, and a horizontal and vertical stabilizer.

Our region and our country enjoy privileged climate and meteorological conditions to fly on autogyro. One of our goals is to bring all European pilots –and even from other continents- who would like to enjoy this area.

Girodynamics activities

Courses: theory, practice, microlight, training and license.
Tourism: air baptism, flights over sea and mountains.
Trips: we organize and implement all your flying requests.
Aerial Works: the latest in technology and the best professionals.

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Course on piloting microlight aircrafts, obtaining Civil Aviation permit. Administrative processing of the permit. Theory (the student will assume the cost of the required supporting materials). A 10 hours practice course (the instructor will decide whether the student needs more flying hours, extra instruction hours will be charged in one or five hours packages).

Become a pilot for one day with three practice classes and one and half theory one.

Air baptism (20 minutes), Flying hour, Flying instruction hour, Microlight course (10 hours), Five hours instruction pack, Pilot for one day.

If you want to follow a course and you live in another place, tell us;)

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Your air baptism and your flying proms. With Girodynamics you can make your dreams come true through a 20 minutes air baptism. And of course, make air proms to your favourite places (beaches, mountains, etc) from a totally different perspective.

We can undertake specific aerial Works for cinema, televisión, sport events, promotional and corporate footages, real state reportages for individuals and/or professionals. We can carry out any kind of work in relation with aerial photography and video recording. 

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And we always collaborate with the best professionals in this sector.  We get unique results through new-fangled shooting angles. Our versatile ways of flying, on autogiros, paraglides, etc, make the difference. We can shoot high or slow motion videos at different heights. And all this at very low cost.

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...dear past, thank you for your lessons...dear future, I am ready!